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The Comparison of Sleep Quantity in Different Stages of Training in Adolescent Track Athletes


Athlete sleep is an important factor for recovery and maintenance of performance. Athletes may have significant changes in sleep at different stages of training and especially near major competitions.


Comparison of sleep quantity in different stages of training in adolescent track athletes.


The sample consisted of 19 athletics athletes from the Centro de Treinamento Esportivo aged 12 to 21 years, who participated in regional, national and international track competitions. Quality and quantity of sleep were assessed by actigraphy at three stages: Preparation Phase, Competitive Phase, and Non-Competitive Phase, with each phase obtaining a two-month interval between actigraphy assessments. The athletes were instructed to use on the non-dominant wrist an actigraphy continuously for 10 days and to maintain their usual sleep-wake style during each phase evaluated. Statistical analysis was performed using repeated measures ANOVA to compare sleep in the three phases of training, with   5%, the effect sizes (ES)was evaluated.


Total sleep time showed a significant decrease in the competitive phase (416.41+46.44) when compared to the non-competitive phase (453.10+59.95) (p=0.01; ES=0.71). The number of awakenings after sleep onset was lower in the non-competitive phase (36.13+15.28) when compared to the preparation phase (46.02+12.42) (p=0.001; ES=1.49). Sleep efficiency (p=0.447) and sleep latency (p = 0.201) showed no differences between the three phases evaluated.


We can conclude that the athletes had a shorter total sleep time during the competitive phase and a higher number of awakenings during the preparatory phase compared to the non-competitive phase. Demonstrating that near and during competitions, sleep was fragmented and worse quality.


sleep, athletes, athletics, actigraphy.


Área Clínica


Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Minas Gerais - Brasil


Luísa Sousa Nogueira Freitas, Marco Túlio de Mello, Fernanda Viegas, Marina Costa Pinto, Lucas Alves Facundo, Andressa Silva