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Comparative study of sleep quality and insomnia among climacteric women with regular menstrual cycle


One of the most common complaints of mid-life women is poor sleep. Poor sleep is more prevalent in women, with gender differences emerging around menarche and further increasing in mid-life. Peri-menopause encompasses the menopausal transition and the first year after the final menstrual period. The term “climacteric” may also be used to describe peri-menopause and the part of the post-menopausal period in which climacteric symptoms occur. The passage between the reproductive and non-reproductive period of women, when they typically experience hot flashes and sweating, causing changes in their quality of life, which may interfere with sleep, with the most common complaint being nighttime awakenings and routine activities.


To evaluate the sleep quality and insomnia level of climacteric women and compare it with women of the regular menstrual cycle.


Personal data such as the last day of LMP and anthropometric data were collected. Three questionnaires were used: Brazilian version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI-BR). And Insomnia Severity Index in both groups and the Kupperman Menopausal Index (IMK), applied only to the group of women who were in the climacteric. The frequencies of both groups were compared using the Chi-Square test.


The sample consisted of 53 women, 30 of them with the regular menstrual cycle and 23 during climacteric. The average age was 45 ± 9 years, weight 70 ± 7 kg and height 158 ± 4 cm. Regarding the severity of climacteric symptoms, 61% of women had moderate symptoms and had poor sleep quality, only women in the climacteric were identified having a sleep disorder and 67% of women who were in the climacteric had mild to moderate insomnia. There was a significant difference between sleep quality (p = 0.001) and insomnia severity (p = 0.014) comparing both groups.


Climacteric women have worse sleep quality and mild to moderate insomnia compared to women who regularly menstruate.


Sleep. Menstrual cycle. Climacteric. Insomnia.


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Cibelle Sousa Silva, Brena Costa Oliveira, Samara Martins Oliveira Souza, Daisy Satomi Ykeda