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Correlates of daily habits, quality of sleep and excessive sleepiness of morning and evening students


The circadian rhythm is the expression of different genes that keep in sync with environmental cycles. Circadian individual characteristics of behavioral styles correlate with activity and rest preference over a 24-hour period.


Considering that students have excessive curricular and extracurricular academic demands associated with irregular behavioral patterns, this study aimed to evaluate the circadian typology (CT) of academics according to their daily rhythms, sleep quality and excessive sleepiness.


Fifty-six students aged 17 to 34 years participated in this study (M = 20.89; SD = 2.9). Of these, 27 students were studying between the 1st and 3rd period and 29 students were studying between the 7th and 9th period. The instruments used were the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), the Morning and Evening Questionnaire and the Brief Social Pace Scale. After evaluating the PSQI, all participants answered the instruments for a period of 14 consecutive days.


MANOVA showed significant difference for daily sleepiness during working days [λ = 0.81; F (4.47) = 451.53; p <0.05], specifically for the 9 pm time [F (2, 5) = 3.03; p <0.05]. In addition, ANOVA showed a significant difference between sleep quality and CT [F (2,30) = 4.61; p <0.05] (Figure 2). Tukey HSD post hoc test showed that intermediate students (M = 8.08; SD = 2.9) had worse sleep quality compared to afternoon subjects (M = 5.62; SD = 1.7).


It is concluded that students have poor sleep quality and generally try to compensate for the lack of nights of sleep during the week on weekends. The differences between circadian typologies must be understood from a broad perspective, leading us to assert that they are associated with different lifestyles.


circadian typology; daily rhythms; students


Área Básica


Universidade Federal da Paraíba - Paraiba - Brasil


Nayara Pereira Silva, Thiago Augusto Souza Bonifácio, Maria Thalita Cardoso Rezende, Bruna Gabrielli Damascena Figueiredo, Natanael Antonio Santos, Michael Jackson Oliveira Andrade