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Pulmonary Function predict success in apnea-hipopnea index


The obesity impacts on respiratory function, being also a risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Bariatric surgery has being proposed for treatment of severe obesity and impacts with improve OSA, through decrease in apnea-hipopnea index (AHI). The role of respiratory function in this complex relation between OSA and obesity still object of study.


This study aims to describe preliminary results of polysomnograms changes after bariatric surgery, and appoint possible predictable variables of respiratory function and polyssomnographic data that influence on the OSA improvement.


Prospective study, with consecutive volunteers, who agree to participate in the study and perform pre-operative Spirometry, Maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP), maximum expiratory pressure (MEP), full-night Polysomnography and body mass Index (BMI) measure. The AHI variance was analysed through t-test paired and multiple regression was performed to predict the variables involved in this variance.


Thirteen patients, 84.6% female. Mean (SD) age of 45.2(9.5) years, BMI 44.1(5.2) kg/m2, and pre-operative AHI 46.9 (38.6) events/hour, a mean AIH reduction was 30.1 (25.8; p= 0.0012) .The means for respiratory capacity was: porcentage of forced expiratory volume (VEF1) = 95.5% (5.7); Forced vital capacity (FVC) = 67% (19.8); MIP = 103.1 (25.6) and MAP = 97.7 (26.5). The multiple regression showed that the pre-operative AHI were independently associated with the improvements in AHI


In this study, a significant reduction in the number of events/hour in AHI was obntained with bariatric surgery. The analysis has shown that preoperative AHI was the only independent predictor for this remission and none pulmonary function influenced.


Pulmonary Function; Apnea-Hipopnea Index; Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Obesity; Bariatric Surgery;


Área Clínica


Centro Universitário Fundação Assis Gurgacz - Paraná - Brasil


Carolina Ferraz Paula Soares, Nathália Gonçalves Silva, Marcelo Taglietti, Débora Masson